Find out what an infinite, procedural, distance based, fantasy RPG looks like!

Scout for vantages where you can see the landscape for over 48km (30mi). Push your limits into higher level content, or play it slow and dominate your surroundings.

A unique crafting system allows for recipes, resources, and rewards to scale across a near-infinite sized game world.

Build a base or two or three to setup crafting facilities, rare resource scanners, teleport networks, and storage. Take over a tower, setup base in a cave, or build atop a floating island.

Build a town using preset buildings or design your own to gather special resources and to summon NPCs that teach new recipes and unlock new resources.

Create your own class with open skills trees. Delve through caves looking for gems. Clear procedural dungeons for treasure and equipment schematics.

  • Available on both Windows and Linux
  • Online and local multi-player support
  • Steam Workshop support (work in progress)

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From the creator

As a gamer in my late thirties, I was never able to find just the right combination of genres for the game I really wanted to play. In 2012 I set out to learn C# and Unity, and 6 years later I had a mishmash of a game I was ready to put on Steam. Since then I’ve learned so much about programming, game development, marketing, and lots more. Solace Crafting is a very complicated game for my first endeavor into game development, but it gets better every month.

It’s not perfect, far from it, but it’s well worth the $15 if you enjoy exploration, harvesting, and crafting. I am a solo developer, so please don’t expect million dollar graphics and animation. My motto is “fun is number one.”

A lot of players express their willingness to support not only the game, but me and my attempts at honesty and openness with my customers and our community. So, if you’re into building or crafting games, supporting Solace Crafting also supports me and my company, and whatever the future may hold for us!

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped me make it this far.

Kyle Postlewait
Big Kitty Games