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Solace Crafting is a relaxed open-world RPG allowing infinite travel in all directions. As you explore, monsters and resources will increase their difficulty at a rate of one level per kilometer (0.6 miles) from the start. You’ll need a base with refining and crafting facilities to craft proper equipment to push into increasingly difficult content, build your own fast travel network, and seek out rare materials.

Developed By

Big Kitty Games
Newcastle, WA

Operating Headquarters:
Takasaki, Gunma


Fueled from a passion of procedural exploration games like Minecraft, Empyrion – Galactic Survival, and 7 Days to Die, Solace Crafting attempts to expand the concept of procedural infinite gameplay from the environment to the players themselves, boasting uncapped player and material level scaling. Rather than reaching an “end-game” or a level cap, players are allowed to continue leveling as far as they want, continuing their legacy solo or with friends via online and LAN co-op.


  • Solace Crafting is available for 64-bit Windows and Linux
  • Content difficulty scales 1 level per 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) travelled in any direction from the start. This includes monster and encounter difficulty, as well as resource node toughness
  • Players can build a variety of different fast travel methods, including setting a home location for the recall spell, crafting single use town portals, permanent two-way teleportation points, and direction based teleporters for visiting unexplored areas.
  • Buildings can be constructed on a grid using the wasd keys for very fast setup. Deconstruction provides 100% return of materials and can pull from nearby storage to easy inventory management.
  • NPC town can be built by player to help unlock crafting recipes, gather resources, and access higher level content.
  • Crafting recipes can be customized via a number of different settings including level, tier, rarity, and material, making all recipes viable across all levels of content.
  • Harvesting and crafting professions levels up and award profession specific skill points.
  • All skill trees, include adventuring classes as well as crafting and harvesting professions are open to all characters allowing total freedom to develop as a player sees fit.
  • World data and character data are stored separately letting multiple characters play within the same world, or for a single character to play in multiple different worlds.
  • A long list of world custom settings exists when creating a new world letting players adjust things like inventory stack size, monster passivity, day/night cycles, resource spawn rates, and more.



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